From the other side of the fence

Note: I wrote this article last week for a Pakistan based magazine. This is the unabridged version. The last few days have given a lot of hope to the India-Pakistan relationship, with people from both sides exchanging messages over social media – this post is only continuing the legacy. (Original Link) I remember growing up inContinue reading “From the other side of the fence”

Our Obsession with Perfection

Beauty and perfection cannot go together. Think about the things or people you love the most. Do you love the fact that they are perfect in every sense or do you cherish the little (imperfect) things that only they have and no one else? You know the answer, don’t you? However, in the modern times,Continue reading “Our Obsession with Perfection”

Oh Nationalism!

It was a sweltering afternoon, when I stood next to the gigantic gates of Wagah Border – an enthralling place which separates the two nations: India and Pakistan. My watch, already soused with sweat, displayed 3 pm, which meant I was still two hours away from the glorious Wagah Border Ceremony and was supposed toContinue reading “Oh Nationalism!”

Long Lived Zara – My Next Book

Writing a blog post after a long time. Indeed. For the last year and a half, I have been working on a fantasy fiction – Long Lived Zara. The book is about an ancient fictional tribe – Hoti that is facing the terror of darkness, and the life of Zara and her struggle against theContinue reading “Long Lived Zara – My Next Book”

20 things to do in college…

Note: If you have already lived through your college years, this post may not be of much relevance to you. But if you are yet to see the college life, or have some time left to be spent at college, then please continue to read. College is the place where you spend the most importantContinue reading “20 things to do in college…”

Life is short, make it worth…

When I was a kid, every time I got a new toy or a video game, I was electrified. I jumped around the house and celebrated the arrival of my new gift. And when I first touched the gift; the feeling was exhilarating. But, that was it. It was the highest point of happiness andContinue reading “Life is short, make it worth…”

To My Home State – Himachal Pradesh

Another sunset in the clamor of a big city and I ask myself what it would be like in the calmness of my home state. Where the life is slow and relaxed, or I find it so as I am most comfortable in the lap of tranquil hills. It’s the state where I find noContinue reading “To My Home State – Himachal Pradesh”

How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds

October 2011 –Hi Tec City, Hyderabad – It was not the kind of Friday evening I was hoping for. Working in Deloitte was certainly a great feeling and most of the days had been marvelous so far. But this was not one of them. I was badly frustrated with my boss’s attitude, his unhealthy senseContinue reading “How I wrote my first novel – Sky beyond the clouds”

Happy Birthday Vikram Batra

7th July, 1999 – Point 4875 – Near Tiger Hills – Altitude 17000 feet Lieutenant Naveen is severely injured, finding it almost impossible to retaliate the counter attack made by the enemy troops. Indian Army has captured this point two days back but it is now that the enemies have come up with their forcefulness.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Vikram Batra”

What Is So Special About Military Life?

Tired from the routine work at office? Or complaining about the insensitive behavior shown by your boss? Or perhaps you are among the majority that never achieves work satisfaction. In all these cases, there is something that we (civilians) can learn from the military life. The key things to avoid the above mentioned problems areContinue reading “What Is So Special About Military Life?”

5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case

Asaram Bapu has long been a part of the controversies, but it was only a few days back when the first time, criminal charges were framed against him. No doubt he is a religious leader and when it comes to religious matters we are expected to show certain degree of reverence but the fact isContinue reading “5 Lessons to Learn from Asaram Bapu Case”

22 Survival Techniques for Day to Day Life

In our daily lives we come across a number of things that take our time. If we can apply some interesting logic there, we can not only save our time but also avoid the frustrations that we could face otherwise. Besides it’s a fun thing to learn. Here is a list of simple hacks andContinue reading “22 Survival Techniques for Day to Day Life”

Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India

Quite recently, I have started noticing that most Indians have become over-conscious and over-enthusiastic about the whole idea of nationalism. If you mention United States, people would ask you to think about India first. Talk about your own state within India, they would tell you that India comes first and then the states. Even whenContinue reading “Unforgotten Indianness In Forgotten India”

Change Yourself With Body Language

Before you read any further, I have a small exercise for you. Force yourself to smile for a few seconds. Do that now. Now ask yourself – how did you feel? The most likely answer would be – Happy. Not many people are aware about this fact that our gestures, our body movements and ourContinue reading “Change Yourself With Body Language”

Currency Exchange – Everything You Need To Know About Money

In the previous post Everything You Need to Know about Money, we learnt about the origin of money. Now once the money has been invented and is being used as a medium of buying products and services there’s another concept that arises – Currency Exchange. In this post also, I will try to explain theContinue reading “Currency Exchange – Everything You Need To Know About Money”

Your Idea Is Not That Stupid

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.” ~ Steve Jobs The above quote speaks the reality of this world. We are often dazzled by the analysis that other people do about us and based on their poor judgments we perceive ourselves as rather moronicContinue reading “Your Idea Is Not That Stupid”

In An Unreal Realm #2

Note: If you have not read the first part of this story, please click the link below: Click here for first part Part 2: She was wrapped in a fluffy piece of cloth. The unusual white dress glittered mystically, but even more peculiar was the glow of her skin. The vibrations of enchantment were spurtingContinue reading “In An Unreal Realm #2”

How Your Behavior Changes

Ever wondered why you behave in a certain way when you are alone, when you are with your friends and family, and when you meet strangers. Under different circumstances your actions and reactions change according to the surroundings. For example, when you are working at your office or any other formal environment you don’t behaveContinue reading “How Your Behavior Changes”